One O One are delighted to continue their ongoing charity Partnership with Clyde Cash for Kids across Glasgow and the West.

This partnership continues to help raise vital funds for local children who need it most and awareness of Cash for Kids within the local communities the stores are situated in. The Management team and all the employees across the 46 One O One stores look forward to lots of fun ways to raise funds over the coming months.

Job Description

A team member who can effectively sell to our customers, replenishing stock, ensure good customer service & work well as part of a team. The role provides support with the day to day operations of the business, ensuring high standards of merchandising of products are maintained and the store always looks clean and tidy.

Job Description

A customer service assistant/ delivery driver who can effectively pick and prepare orders and deliver orders through home delivery, ensuring good customer service & can work well as part of a team. The role provides support with the day to day operations of the home delivery business, ensuring high standards of customer service.

Job Description

A manager within the organization who delivers the operational day to day running of a One O One Convenience Store, who can lead and motivate team members, be able to take ownership of their role and make their shop stand out from the crowd. The role consists of manging staff and recruitment, promoting sales, stock control, training, cash handling and licensing.

Job Description

The role provides support to the Store Manager in all operational aspects of the day to day running of the store. A Supervisor within the business who has excellent communication skills and can lead and motivate Team Members.

Shelby store manager

She was there for two and a half years as a part time member of staff and always routinely took the chance of covering overtime which gave her the opportunity to learn more about the processes and policies from the store management team. This helped Shelby progress quickly to a Supervisor role and a move to Our Braes Shopping Centre, Castlemilk store.

Shelby said…

“My new store was completely different from what I had worked with previously and was more fast pace. I really enjoyed my time working there facing many challenges which then prepared me for the day my area manager came to speak to me to ask me to run my own store. I am very proud that I have shown the potential I knew I was capable of delivering to be promoted to Store Manager. After 4 and a half years in the company with the best training from my manager I thought it would be a good chance to now show the skills I had in my own store. Becoming a manager had many challenges but with the support from all previous relationships I had with many staff in different stores and all of head office team you get through it all.”

Now 6 and a half years in the company, Shelby is enjoying having her own shop. Shelby adds “It had many difficulties when I arrived but feel it has come on loads and looking forward to see what challenges I am faced with next. I would really encourage anyone within the business who has ambition and confidence to move to the next level to make your Area Manager aware of how you feel, if you don’t ask, you’ll never know what you could achieve.”

Debbie store manager

Debbie came to One O One after leaving her previous Convenience Store Manager role which she had worked in since leaving school.

A few years back Debbie thought that she would try a completely different job and went to work for Scottish Gas. She did give the New job at Scottish Gas a fair go but when an opportunity arose to come back into retail with a business well known to everyone in Glasgow but one she had never heard of as they launched their first Edinburgh store, Debbie jumped at the chance to help One O One put down retail roots in a new place.

Travelling to Glasgow for a couple of months to learn all the new policies and procedures, Debbie worked with experienced managers and teams who were very knowledgeable and great people made her want to carry on this journey.

Debbie made some strong relationships when she started and has kept in touch with her management colleagues on a regular basis even though she is further away, running our only Edinburgh store. Debbie said, “I also received great support from everyone at Head office which has helped to make my wee shop a success and continues to deliver great standards and results, week after week since the store launched last February. Management at One O One can be very rewarding as long as you show a determination to succeed and a willingness to learn and adapt.”

In Debbie’s words, “My team at Stenhouse Cross are in a good place and going from strength to strength , The future looks bright for me and I really am proud to be part of One O One Convenience.”