Gowanbank Hub football Donation

As part of One O One’s continued commitment to working with charities that help the most vulnerable in our local communities we have donated over 170 footballs to the community-focused Charity to kick off the year of activities to provide compassion, help, and support in immediate crisis

The Gowanbank Hub and Crisis Support center in Greater Pollok is fighting to end poverty, deprivation and improve emotional wellbeing by providing children at local schools and nurseries with footballs.

Stephen Jackson, Retail Area Business Manager at One-O-One, said:

“One O One will continue to work with the Hub to see where we can further support and tackle child poverty in the local communities we trade in.”

The most recent statistics estimate that 34% of children in Glasgow are living in poverty. That’s 36,100, the authorities have been able to identify 25,485 of those children. The Gowanbank hub helps identify even more families and disadvantaged children.

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