JUST DAE IT for Grocery Aid

Congratulations to the 27 participants from 9 One O One stores that took part in the JUST DAE IT charity walk on behalf of GroceryAid Scotland.

The grocery industry charities annual JUST DAE IT campaign encourages retailers, suppliers, distributors, and service providers across the industry all get behind the charity to raise some important funds to allow us to help others who may not be as fortunate or may need a helping hand to support in times of need.

On Sunday 11th September, the One O One participants partook in a 7.1km sponsored walk around Strathclyde Loch in Strathclyde Park to raise funds for GroceryAid.

Area Manager and charity walk organiser Jim Harper discussed the importance of GroceryAid to One O One:
“Over the last couple of years One O One and GroceryAid have built on a partnership born out of a dedication to look after our teams.

One O One recognised that an employee access platform to provide counselling services and financial grants provided by GroceryAid to our staff was essential during the pandemic. Additionally, it became apparent that mental health and wellbeing support has become a vital part of our ambition to keep colleagues and their families supported not only in the workplace but in life generally.

GroceryAid have supported One O One colleagues with school uniform grants giving our teams kids the best possible start as they head out to a new school year looking and feeling confident.
They have provided colleagues and their immediate families with financial support in times where their income doesn’t stretch to their outgoings in difficult times of need through family illness.
GroceryAid have also supported our staff with their amazing 365 days, 24 hour a day helpline for colleagues and their families with counselling support for amongst other areas , legal advice, Gambling support, Debt advice, Managers advice, Critical incident support at work, health and wellbeing, Children’s mental health and Family relationship support amongst many other topics.

The Charity provides a suite of services that simply fit well with our colleagues, the support available to our teams is best in class provision in retail employee support and I’m proud to know we support our colleagues better by having GroceryAid available to every member of the team where they need a wee bit of help.”

We urge any colleagues to get in touch via the 24/7 helpline 08088 021 122 or on the live chat via https://www.groceryaid.org.uk/ if they find themselves in difficult times.