Staff members collecting charity gifts


Our Springburn store recently donated several goodie bags filled with treats and essentials to No1Seems2Care, a local voluntary group based in the Milton area of Glasgow, who tackle a range of issues from housing and food provisions to mental health.

Alex O’Kane from the organisation wrote;

“A big thanks to Frances, Marion and Stephen from the Springburn One O One for this generous donation of treats to bring in the New Year.

They spent a lot of time and effort making beautiful goodie bags containing things like miniatures of whisky, vodka, gin, shortbread and tea. We will distribute them to local people including pensioners and people living alone to lift their spirits and let them know that ‘People Do Care’.

The Springburn One O One gave a similar donation last year so we really appreciate their continued support. We would also like to thank Marion for all her efforts raising money for cash for kids over the years, we’ve heard all about her. Keep up the good work Marion!”