One O One Supports Local Communities

Scottish retail chain One O One have confirmed that they have redeemed over 23,000 Scotland Loves Locals cards in their stores – and have praised the initiative designed by the Scottish Government to support families through challenging times as living costs continue to rise.

Paul Stirling, Group Retail Director for One O One, said of the scheme:

“In the first few days we have supported over 23,000 customers visiting our stores with this scheme. It has been rewarding to see this help our existing and new customers with everyday household essentials who are having to make difficult decisions daily, and compliments the existing charity and community outreach work which already so central to us as a business.

Over 40% of all cards used in One O One have been used against household energy bills, council tax payments, and essential house payments. What this shows us is that people are using this card effectively to offset rising living costs, and I am delighted that we have been able to support this because we have worked tirelessly over the past several years to expand our household services and our product range. We have also seen a significant uplift in essential food sales in all our stores in the past week, showing customers are spending these cards on areas directly helping their family in these difficult times”

One O One said in order to support the scheme to it’s fullest potential, they have removed all restrictions on how the card can be redeemed, allowing customers maximum flexibility on how they spend the money.

One O One say that with 40% of cards issued by the council still to be activated by member of the public, they will continue to ensure their stores are offering a wide range of practical services as well as a huge selection of fresh & frozen foods, licensed products, bakery goods and everyday essentials. A spokesman said that they have been in continued talks with Glasgow City Council regarding the scheme, and hope that the encouraging insights they offer will enable to Government to release more funding through local authorities to spend in local communities where it is needed most. With many small businesses having the same challenges as consumers, One O One say they will continue to welcome the opportunity to work in partnerships with both Government and Local Authorities in the future.